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School Director

The School Director is the school’s chief executive officer and the administrative head of the school. It is the School Director’s duty to administer the policies and to provide leadership for the school. The School Director is the professional consultant and, in this capacity, makes recommendations for changes in policies and educational programs. The School Director provides the initiative and the technical guidance for the improvement of the total program of the school. The delegation of authority for the operation of the various functions of the school is one of the School Director’s duties. The School Director is, however, responsible to the Council, Departments, and Units for all functions of the school.

Principal (PGS, MGS, JHS, SPED, ALS)

The Principal is appointed by the Board of Trustess. The Principal is the administrator of the Integrated Basic Education Department which consist of the Primary Grade School (Toddler, Nursery, Kinder, Grades 1-3), Middle Grade School (Grades 4-6), Junior High School (Grades 7- 10), Alternative Learning System and Special Education (SPED) department and is responsible to the School Director. The Principal assists the School Director in the attainment of the vision/mission, goals and objectives of the school. The Principal organizes and supervizes the activities of the department; plans and carries out educational development programs and policies as prescribed by the Department of Education and in accordance with the school's vision/mission. The Prinicipal supervises the instructional program and coordinates all efforts of the department in conducting an effective teaching-learning process towards the achievement of academic excellence. The Principal promotes the program of continuing studies and research for the development of the acdemic program. The Principal has four Vice-Principals namely: Vice-Principal for Academic Affairs (supervises the Academic Program of the Faculty and the Learning Area Chairpersons), Vice-Principal for Student Affairs (supervises the Auxilliary Services and Moderators - clubs and organization, and Extra-Curricular Programs / Activities), Vice-Principal for Discipline and Christian Formation (supervises the advisers and students discipline) and the Program Head for Early Childhood Education and Primary Grade School (supervises the academic program and advisers of Preschool, Grades 1, 2 and 3). The Pricipal also supervises the two program heads for Special Education and Alternative Learning System.

School Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is in charge of maintaining, updating and storing students' records. The operating procedure starts with the acquisition and evaluation of all credentials and scholastic records. Follow-up of incomplete and missing credentials/school records is done within the first quarter of the school through letters and appointments made with parents/guardian. Computerized system of recording grades is done every quarter. The process ends with the issuance of final grades, diploma or transfer credentials.

Research and Development (RDO)

Research and Development Office is an effective arm of the institution that provides substantial data for sound and valid decision-making, and extends assistance in the improvement of the quality and standard of the School’s instructional programs. It has the folowing functions: PLANS, ORGANIZE, DIRECT and CONTROL, and EVALUATE.

Human Resource and Management (HRMD)

The Human Resource involves personnel records management, monitoring attendance, salary administration, interpretation and implementation of school policies, assistance on employees’ welfare and benefits, personnel development but exclusively for support service personnel or Non-Teaching employees. Faculty Development is under the responsibility of the Integrated Basic Education Department. The Human Resource and Development Office caters to all employees of the school. Consequently, the functions of the office conducts the yearly performance evaluation of employees, administration of the self-managed Wellness Program that gives a package of medical benefit for employees, preparation of yearly appointment of personnel, etc.

Management Information System (MIS)

The Office of Management Information Systems administer the infrastructure, performance, and maintenance of the Information Systems of St. Andrew's School. The office takes care of developing the academic and administrative Information Systems (IS) and assists the departments and offices in the implementation of the Information System and oversees the security and maintenance of the databases, accepts troubleshooting, PABX monitoring, networking and maintenance of the whole computer system of the school. The office helps the institution to realize maximum benefit from investment in personnel, equipment and business processes. MIS checks information security, intergration and exchange to ensure effective and efficiency data management.

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