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St. Andrew’s School was founded by Rev. Fr. Joseph Van Runckelen, a member of the Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae (CICM), otherwise known as the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. "Pare Jose”, as he is commonly called, established the school on June 27, 1917. As a parish priest in 1915, he named the school after the parish patron saint, St. Andrew the Apostle (the patron of fishermen) from whom the Augustinian fathers dedicated the church on May 11, 1580 as aligned with the livelihood of the local residents. With the help of foreign donations from Belgium, the school was built offering primary and intermediate levels for boys and girls. The elementary school was first housed in the modest building located in front of the church. It was only in 1938 when it was transferred to the present site of the school.

In 1932, Fr. Van Runckelen expanded the school by founding the high school department. The new department started with 32 students (20 boys and 12 girls) and four years later in 1936, it was reduced to seven (four boys and three girls); moreover, the seven were the first high school graduates dubbed as “The Magnificent Seven”. During the succeeding years, St. Andrew’s School continued to grow and improve its quality of instruction so that when the war broke out in 1941, it already enjoyed the reputation of being one of the best private secondary schools in the country.

St. Andrew’s School maintained its co-educational status until it was closed due to the outbreak of Second World War in 1941. It was opened in 1945 and became exclusively for boys. It started only with a first year class and had its post-war graduation four years later in 1949. Through the efforts of C.I.C.M. directors, gradual improvements were made from infrastructures to curriculum design which made graduates proud of their humble beginning. Such legacy was continued by diocesan directors which were started during the transition of parish and school’s administration from religious to diocesan in 1994. Further transitions followed over the years namely; becoming co-educational status of the school in 1994, changing territorial canonical jurisdiction under the new Diocese of Parañaque, headed by Most Rev. Jesse E. Mercado D.D., new infrastructures based on the demands of the school community, new departments were initiated such as Pre-school, Alternative Learning System (ALS), Special Education (SPED) and Center for Integral Evangelization (CIE) departments and standardized curriculum aligned with the requirements of Department of Education. In keeping its vision, mission and core values, St. Andrew’s School continuously received an award in 2006 for being the Most Outstanding Catholic School for Boys (Parañaque).

As the oldest parochial school in Parañaque, St. Andrew’s School has been known to deliver quality and relevant Catholic education heeding to the call of serving love and excellence through its curricular and co-curricular programs including outreach / community activities, pro Deo et Patria.

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