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       This component of the Center of Christian Formation is more commonly known as the “outreach” ministry program for it takes care of the Pastoral activities and formation of our community. It takes care of the outreach programs of both the students (under the academic pastoral program for students) and the employees (in coordination w/ the HR).

       The ministry echoes the message of St. James in his epistle when he said that “Faith with out action is like a body with out a spirit…”

       The ministry acts as an agent of change and a messenger of hope as it creates a venue for our students and other members of the community to immerse themselves with the poor and reflectively and collectively act for them.

       The different activities like Hapagkainan ni San Andres, Pondo ng Pinoy, Relief Operations for Typhoon /Calamity victims, Alternative Learning System-Basic Ecclesial Community (ALS-BEC) sessions, Teachers in Public Schools (as done for the past years), new exposure areas like Palanyag (Street Catechesis), Bilibid Exposure and more are all coordinated, handled & organized by the pastoral ministry program.

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