St. Andrew's School Hymn

Beloved St. Andrew's
The knowledge we obtain
From the Lord God above
Through thy guidance and love.

You inspire our will
To reach our Golden Goal
Love God and Country
Proudly we proclaim.

Hail St. Andrew's
Endless fountain of wisdom
We do pledge a life of serving love.

The bright and shining morning
Comes in our life
We the Andreans give respect
To thy enlightening command.

We shall cherish you
from here and afar
With you the darkest road
We'll walk unafraid.

(Repeat Refrain 2x)


When St. Andrew's School was founded in 1917, the concept of composing a song for the up and coming school did not come along. And so the school existed without a hymn for almost six decades. The idea of composing a hymn for the school is the brainchild of Mr. Francis Dandan, organist of St. Andrew's Parish Choir. Mr. Dandan is currently known for composing "Pasko na, Sinta ko" and arranging the melody of "Papuri sa Nuestra Sra. del Buen Suceso". Mr. Dandan a music student of the University of the Philippines that time, noticed that graduates depart without a single song in their heart about their alma mater. He then asked the school English teachers through Ms. Odelia Cruz to compose a poem about the school and offered to arrange the music for it. Mr. Dandan collated the poems submitted by Mr. Maximo Marcelo, Mrs. Edith Ferrer and Fr. Paul Foulon. Revisions after revisions were done to the music in order to fit the lyrics. It was on March 2, 1976, that the song was finally completed and taught to the graduating class for them to sing the hymn in their graduation ceremony. Thus, Batch 1976 was the first batch to sing the "St. Andrew's School Hymn" in their graduation. (source: Alumni Souvenir Program, 1992)