1) The school gives entrance tests to all new students. Admission depends upon the results of the entrance test, the average obtained in the previous curriculum level, conduct grade and the number of vacancies available (Entrance Exam suspended due to pandemic).

Students may be admitted upon presentation of the following credentials:

     a. Photocopy of the latest report card with final grades;

     b. Photocopy of Birth Certificate authenticated by PSA;

Toddler - 3 yrs. old  June 2021
Nursery - 4 yrs. old June 2021
Kinder - 5 yrs. old June 2021
Grade 1 - 6 yrs. old June 2021

      c. Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate from the Roman Catholic Church;

      d. Photocopy of Parents’ Marriage Contract from the Roman Catholic Church;

    e. Original copy of Recommendation letter from the Guidance Counselor or Principal (for Grade School & Junior High School applicants only);

      f. Two (2) copies 1’ x 1’ identical pictures,

      g. Immunization Record (for Toddler, Nursery and Kinder applicants only)  

      h. Photocopy of the National Career Assessment Exam (NCAE) result (for Senior High School - Grade 11 & Grade 12 applicants only)

      i. Diagnosis / Assessment from Developmental Pediatrician (for SPED program only)

Note: All documents must be placed inside a LONG BROWN ENVELOPE upon submission.  

2) Foreign students may be admitted upon compliance with all the requirements of the Bureau of Immigration & Deportation, Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Education.

3) Former SAS students who transferred to other schools and are again seeking admission are considered new applicants, provided their transfer to other schools was caused by reasons other than academic deficiencies and failure in Conduct.

4) SAS reserves the right to require applicants to take summer enrichment programs in English, Science and Math prior to admission in case entrance test results do not fully satisfy the requirements of the academic department.  

For admission inquiries, please email or if you have any other concerns you may email the following personnel:

Ms. Angela V. dela Isla Primary Grade School
Ms. Liezel Mabag Middle Grade School
Ms. Rowena T. Morona Junior High School
Ms. Rosemarie D. Bernal Senior High School
Ms. Cheryl Marie M. Sabado Special Education

Kindly submit all requirements to  

Admissions and Guidance Center - Ground floor, Administration Building
St. Andrew’s School, Inc. - 475 Quirino Ave. La Huerta, Paranaque City
Schedule of Submissions of Admission Requirements:
Monday to Friday – 8:00AM to 4:00PM