ONLINE / ONSITE ENROLMENT is extended until October 30, 2020! ENROLL NOW!

ONLINE CLASSES will start on SEPTEMBER 07, 2020.

Pre-Enrollment Registration

Before you proceed with the ONLINE ENROLMENT, we encourage you to accomplish this PRE-ENROLMENT REGISTRATION form. This is made for the school to ascertain its projection and preparations for School Year 2020-2021.

Thank you once again for choosing St. Andrew’s School. Your child’s second home for a brighter future!

Kindly click this link for the PRE-ENROLMENT REGISTRATION FORM


Online Enrollment Procedure for New, Returning, and Old Students


  1. Log in to the ONLINE ENROLMENT PORTAL -
  2. For new users, click on SIGN UP NOW link and then follow the instructions. (Note: Use or create a GMAIL account for your USERNAME)


  • Students with unsettled accounts will not be processed to enroll unless payment has been made.
  • Student with failing marks must comply with the requirement of the academics.


  1. Once you are on the HOME PAGE, click on the REGISTRATION FORM button, and then fill out all the required fields needed in the Personal Information page.
  2. Download and fill out the SAS Learner Enrolment & Survey Form and the Admissions Agreement Form (DepEd Order No. 007, s. 2020). (Note: Go to St. Andrew's School, Inc. website, and then look for the Admissions page under Downloadable Forms - #3 and #4 or #5 for SpEd. If the file doesn't work properly on your computer, download  and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader or download the form before answering it.) Save it after filling out all the appropriate field items.
  3. Click on the UPLOAD FILE button, choose the file that you need to attach by clicking the BROWSE button, and then click on SAVE. (Note: Submit all the necessary forms needed to continue with the enrolment process)
  4. Click the SUBMIT button.


  1. If the status shows ALLOW TO ENROLL then pay the matriculation fee through over-the-counter bank deposit at any BDO branch or mobile banking transaction / online fund transfer. Please refer to the payment terms for the amount to be paid. You can visit the school website under Prospectus page for the tuition and other fees.
  2. On the HOME PAGE, click on the PAYMENT FORM button. (NOTE: Always check if there is a remark from the Registrar and the Accounting Office.)
  3. Follow and answer all the required fields needed on the Payment Form.  
  4. Attach the scanned / pictured Deposit Slip by clicking on the BROWSE button. 
  5. Click on POST button. (Note: Wait until 48 hours or two working days to verify the deposit.)
  6. Once the registration and payment forms are verified, the status shows that you are ENROLLED.

Reminder: The Accounting Office will give copies of the validated Assessment form and the Official Receipt to the parent / guardian upon request through phone scheduling.