St. Andrew’s School will implement Online Distance Learning (ODL) for Academic Year 2020-2021. There are two types of Online Distance Learning that will be implemented: 

1. Synchronous Online Distance Learning

This is the kind of online learning that happens in real time. It means that a virtual class occurs in which the teacher and the students interact virtually in a specific virtual place, through a specific virtual medium, at a specific time.

In SAS, teachers and the students will have their virtual class using Zoom as the platform. The first 30 to 40 minutes will be for teacher instruction or lesson discussion, and the remaining minutes will be spent for answering of textbooks exercises and activities with discussions on the answers by the teacher.

2. Asynchronous Online Distance Learning

In this form of online learning, the teacher assigns pre-recorded video lectures, materials for reading, online worksheets, and online activities to students that they need to watch, accomplish and submit to the teacher through Genyo Learning Management System or other available LMS that is being used by the school. Teachers will be more flexible on the deadlines of submission in consideration of those students who are having difficulties on their internet connection.

Teachers are also available for consultation with students should they have questions or clarifications about the lesson or online activity sheets uploaded online. Consultation can be in a form of teleconferencing, or live chatting.