Mr. Lord Celeste E. Balo - School Principal

The School Principal is appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Principal is the administrator of the Integrated Basic Education Department which consist of the Primary Grade School (Toddler, Nursery, Kinder, Grades 1 - 3), Middle Grade School (Grades 4 - 6), Junior High School (Grades 7 - 10), Senior High School (Grades 11 - 12), PAKKSA / Alternative Learning System (ALS), and Special Education (SPED) and is responsible to the School Director. The Principal assists the School Director in the attainment of the vision/mission, goals and objectives of the school. The Principal organizes and supervises the activities of the department; plans and carries out educational development programs and policies as prescribed by the Department of Education and in accordance with the school's vision/mission. The Principal supervises the instructional program and coordinates all efforts of the department in conducting an effective teaching-learning process towards the achievement of academic excellence. The Principal promotes the program of continuing studies and research for the development of the academic program. The School Principal has four Vice Principals namely: Vice Principal for Academic Affairs (supervises the Academic Program of the Faculty and the Integrated Learning Area Chairpersons), Vice Principal for Student Affairs (supervises the Auxiliary Services, Coaches, and Moderators - clubs and organization, and Extra-Curricular Programs / Activities), Vice Principal for Senior High School (supervises the academic programs and faculty of Senior High School Faculty) and the Vice Principal for Primary Grade School (supervises the academic program and advisers of Preschool, Grades 1, 2 and 3). The Principal also supervises the two program units namely Special Education (SpEd) and Alternative Learning System (ALS).

Principal's Council Members

  • Vice Principals

- Mr. Ryan S. Deallo, Vice Principal for Academic Affairs -

- Mrs. Rizza Pauline J. Ragucos, Vice Principal for Primary Grade School -

- Ms. Maria Teresa R. Tabuso, Vice Principal for Senior High School -

- Mr. Peter T. Andres, Vice Principal for Student Affairs -

  • Program and Service Heads

- Mrs. Cheryl Marie M. Sabado, SpEd Program Head -

- Mr. Giancarlo N. Gloria, PAKKSA / ALS Program Head -

- Ms. Rosalinda M. Santos, Discipline Office Head -

- Mrs. Rosemarie Bernal, Admissions and Guidance Program Head -