Canteen Services (Food and Bookstore)

The school canteen provides nutritious snacks, meals and school supplies. Every student is expected to help keep the school canteen clean and sanitary and to observe the standards of good behavior. No student is allowed to buy during class hours. Students are allowed to stay in the canteen during recess or lunch only when they are taking their meals there.

The canteen area opens from Mondays to Fridays - 6:30AM-1:00PM & the canteen extension from 2:00PM-4:30PM only. The bookstore opens from Mondays to Fridays - 6:30AM-4:30PM. - during regular school days


(Note: Students are not allowed to buy any food, drink, or school supplies during class hours. They are allowed during recess and lunch breaks.)

Security Services

The school has a 24-hours security personnel to safeguard and protect students while they are inside the school campus. Students are obliged to obey and respect them at all times.

CCTVs are visible in the area.